…Two Quiet Girls… [Renee&Meryl]


[Meryl decided to stop by a nearby town to search for flowers to give as a present to Uncle Ronald and maybe a few to keep as her own. She had been looking at a picture book in the library and a had an idea of the plants she wanted, Snow flake flowers, anemone’s and maybe 1 or 2 bluemist flowers]

[Meryl was small and reading through the book was difficult because she had to put it very close to her face so it was no suprise to her when she tripped into a stranger and fell over losing her place in her book.]

Renee was thankful for being off work for a while, she figured today would be a good day to go fishing and liked that the weather was still pretty nice out. She stopped for a few minutes and looked up in the sky, watching clouds pass by, and nearly jumped when she felt someone walk into her legs. She looked down at the small girl and knelt down to pick up the book and help her up.

"Hey there, are you okay?"

So guess what? Apparently we're long-lost sisters. Who knew?

*stares for a few moments*

Really? That would be interesting. I’m pretty sure my parents only had me…

Dares and stuff (Nami/Renee)


Nami relaxed a little bit when she laughed. She seemed pretty alright with carrying her around, “Ah, well, you can just set me down whenever you want. I don’t have any specific destination.” 

She shrugged a little and then realized that she should probably give her name, seeing as this woman was going along with the dare it was the least she could do, “My name is Nami by the way.”

"Oh okay then." Renee set her down carefully as so she didn’t just drop her, and turned to face her again. She tilted her head a little and smiled brightly. "It’s nice to meet you, Nami. I’m-" She paused for a second, remembering her dare.

After a minute she grinned again. “Oh I’m sorry, I just remembered a dare that I have too. Nice to meet you, I’m Reney-nay.” She started laughing, and after a minute she paused for a breath and sighed. “Was supposed to introduce myself to strangers like that, but no, I’m Renee. Interesting circumstance to meet someone.”

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Dares and stuff (Nami/Renee)

Nami looked down, slightly embarrassed from this but get’s on the stranger’s back. “Thanks.”

Renee laughed as the woman got on her back, but adjusted her and was easily able to carry her for a few minutes. She may have been taller but she was definitely lighter. She continued to laugh for a while hoping that by laughing the other woman wouldn’t be as embarrassed. At least she wasn’t Kathy who always seemed to make Renee fall over.

"How long am I supposed to carry you around, is there any specific place we’re going?"

Nami approaches the woman, looking particularly uneasy. She cleared her throat, "Feel free to say no to this, but, may I have a piggy back ride...? It's for a dare."

Renee stared at the woman in front of her, a complete stranger asking for a piggy back ride. Weirder things have happened.

"Sure I guess, You’re taller than me but I should be able to do that."

She turned around so that the other woman could get on her back

I dare you to introduce yourself to three strangers as "Renay-nay."
─ Anonymous

((Oh my god I died laughing for like 15 minutes))

What? Uh, sure?

T: If you took a magic potion that gave you more confidence and it made you accidentally sleep with a man, how would you feel?
─ Anonymous

A wha?

Do I know the man? If I knew him ahead of time it might be less upsetting, but that still would be an upsetting situation.

I guess sex is sex and that’s not the issue, it would probably be the backlash and/or the aftermath of the situation that would be the most uncomfortable.

Away from Home (Jaime/Renee)


"Calvervtutrp, what are you doing?" Jamie called out when he saw his dog allowing itself to be pet by a stranger. He looked at the woman and crossed his arms at her. He did not recognize her at all. It seemed like Flowerbud was attracting a lot of tourists, these days and they all seemed to go to bother him.

I should be flattered they choose my farm over hers, but must they be so annoying? Jamie thought to himself. “Calvervtutrp, to me!” The dog reluctantly ran away from Renee’s hand and stood at Jamie’s side.

Hearing the voice of the owner, she paused while petting the dog and looked up at the voice in question. When the dog ran back to his owner’s side, she stood up and smiled. She shouldn’t have started petting another person’s animals without their permission, even though animals were basically her life. She glanced around the farm quickly, and noticed the amount of care and hared work that was put into the farm here. It was almost refreshing.

"Oh, I’m so sorry, I probably should have asked permission before petting your dog but he was really nice, and looks very well cared for. You also look like you do a lot of hard work here, and that’s nice to see compared to the farmers where I live. I’m impressed."

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Away from Home (Jaime/Renee)

Renee took a deep breath of the air around her, and brushed out her skirts with her hands as she stood up. Her chores were done really early for the day and even though it was getting chilly, it was nice to be outside. She paused for a few seconds after locking up the grazing fence, and decided that she would go visit the town nearby. Not Castanet, that was too familiar and she wanted a newer atmosphere, but it had been a while since she last ventured into Flowerbud, so that would work. It wasn’t the farthest away she could get from home but it was close enough that she could take a quick carriage ride and be home before dark.

Once she got there, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. It was nice, coming from a bigger town like Castanet, to be in a smaller area with more trees and good fishing rivers. Next time she came here, she would have to remember to bring her fishing pole.

Daydreaming and not really paying much attention to where she was, she was brought back to reality by a bark from a dog, and she smiled at the dog that was on the other side of the fence she was next to. She knelt down and reached her hand through the fence, knowing she probably still smelled like her own animals to the dog and grinning when he let her pet him.